13 French fashion influencers to chic up your feeds

13 French fashion influencers to chic up your feeds

Looking for a little more je ne sais quois? Here are the Gallic 'grammers you should be following.

Influencers. Can’t live with them, definitely can’t live without that aspirational daily scroll. But sometimes the discover page isn’t enough to widen the pool of bloggers, curators and creators who are listed under your Following tab.

European influencers in particular can be lost in amongst the noise, so we’ve gone across the pond – ok, Channel – to round up 18 Instagrammers with fraîche style to steal. A level French not required.  



1. Crystal Murray – @crystalmrr – 11.5k followers

Only 16, Crystal Murray belongs to Parisian-based collective The Gucci Gang, who’ve become renowned in fashion circles for their impeccable thrift store style – and equally, their lighthearted approach to life. A clique you’ll want to join.



2. Jeanne Santoli – @viewmore – 33.4k followers

A merchandising student based in Paris, Jeanne has the finest collection of sneakers this side of the Seine. Her posts showcasing her truly staggering stockpile of Nikes new and old will inspire you to up your shoe game in 2018.



3. Aline Orsini – @toulousainementvotre – 12.3k followers

Toulouse-based Aline’s feed shows a world outside of Paris – and one that’s equally as inviting. A lifestyle ’gram that will instantly inspire you to seek out beautiful things in your day-to-day.



4. Luna Zeisler – @lunazeisler – 18.9k followers

Queen of the sultry selfie, model Luna’s page is littered with effortlessly chic snapshots of her life. Follow for lessons in poetry, pouting and how to photograph that sipped-from wine glass.



5. Paola Locatelli – @paolalct – 540k followers

Impeccable style, incredible make-up skills and a jet set life. A veteran, surely? Except Paola Locatelli is only 13 and already attracting the attention of the likes of Tyra Banks. She claims classmates treat her the same as ‘everyone else’ but we find that hard to believe. Unless she means they follow her round for intel on every outfit. 



6. Martin Mougeot – @martinmougeot – 12.5k followers

A prodigy who has briefly paused his studies to release his first capsule clothing collection (called University, it’s inspired by LA college fashion), Martin is the snapper behind many of the coolest street style shots in Paris. And his Instagram is where he exhibits them. Plug in.



7. Onếlia Martin – @oneliamar – 16.9k followers

An fashion-journalist-to-be, Onếlia shoots classically beautiful lookbooks with an emphasis on clean, elegant clothing. She’ll breathe new life into your old white shirt.



8. Marine Lorphelin – @marinelorphelin – 430k followers

It’s a mystery how model/medical student Marine finds time to put together her feed of fashion, food and travel, but somehow she does it. And we’re grateful. A scroll through her Instagram will have you out of bed and making the most of your day before you can say ‘sloth.’



9. Luca Nelzy – @smokerzza – 4k followers

Luca has the latest and greatest in leisurewear as soon as it’s released – yes, even those Chanel sneakers make an appearance. Follow to stay in the loop.  



10. Angelina Woreth – @angelinaworeth – 31.2k followers

Another member of the famed Gucci Gang, Angelina’s feed is a joyful riot of fashion and vintage imagery. She posts clips of anything that inspires her,  including old Matthew McConaughey videos. We approve.



11. Naela Lou – @jetamoure – 30.7k followers

She is young, she runs free, and Naela’s sun-drenched Insta page boasts sponsorships galore. Which means discount codes, so you can steal her incredible style. Expect the occasional movie meme as well.



12. Gregory Gouin – @gregorygouin – 6k followers

A young Parisian, sneakerhead Gregory shoots some of the most aesthetically-pleasing streetwear and travel photos out there. Warning: your purse won’t thank you for following.



Cếliane – @sxn.nys – 16.2k followers

From Bordeaux, 18-year-old Cếliane has a fantastically minimalist beauty and fashion feed, thanks her eye for colour selection. She’s relatively new to the platform too, but every post is already a winner. Get on board.