6 warm AF puffer coats

6 warm AF puffer coats

Bad news: it's really, really cold. Good news: we've got plenty of warm AF coats in-store RN

Can we all agree that winter is shit? In the run up to Xmas, winter is all roaring fires, comfy jumpers and masses of food. But now... now it’s just cold. And dark. And suddenly you’re up at 5:30am every morning going for a run in order to not break yet another New Year's resolution.

What’s the one thing that will get you through this freezing hell? A puffer coat. Wrap yourself in a big lovely coat until the sweet release of spring comes along. Here’s a round-up of our faves…

1. Ultra cosy


Absolutely no fucking about with this one, climb inside your puffy cocoon and hibernate until spring.

2. Tin man realness 

Do not adjust your jacket, it’s supposed to look this steezy.

 3. A gilet a day keeps the doctor away 


We know it seems counterintuitive to go for something without sleeves, but hear us out. Think of a gilet as a sexy side dish that makes your main taste so much better (i.e. layer it over your standard coat for extra warmth when you need it). 

4. Protest puffer


Not just a coat, but a way of life. This one's a real statement. 

5. Future flex 


 Break up the monotony of black, navy and grey with this bright red number. Bonus points for the serious futurist vibes.

6. Not so puff daddy 


If you don’t want to burden yourself with a huge coat, then this one’s for you. A lighter down-filled jacket is perfect for layering and will fit under pretty much anything, leaving you just as cosy without the bulk.