7 best (and rarest) Vans collabs of all time

7 best (and rarest) Vans collabs of all time

There's nothing standard about this lot...

These Vans are next level... 

Everyone seems to own a pair of Vans these days. But while their SK8-Hi, Authentic, Old Skool and OG slip-on styles are all instantly recognisable, they're just the tip of the iceberg. 

Like Converse (who have collaborated with everyone from Off White to Tyler, the Creator), when it comes to collaborations, Vans are off the charts. 

Here are 7 of the best - and rarest - Vans collabs to date...

1. WTAPS x Vans cross bones 2007/2016


Vans have worked with WTAPS (which is pronounced “Dub Taps” btw) on several different occasions, most recently on some flame inspired SK8-Hi’s which bring a new meaning to the term “heat”. But the cross bone motif is by far the most iconic thing to come from the brands' ongoing collaboration.

Although they originally dropped in 2007, Vans and WTAPS chose the motiff to celebrate their SS16 collab, which also happened to mark 50 years for the OG skate company and 20 years for the dons of Japanese military wear.

The Authentics, SK8-Hi’s and Chukka Boots that were given the skeletal makeover are now pretty hard to come by, although are not unreasonably pricey. I wouldn’t bother looking for the jacket though, as that is most definitely a myth.  

2. Vans x Supreme x Playboy 


Supreme and Vans first collaborated in 1996 and have been pushing the boundaries of what a Vans shoe can look like, and communicate, ever since. And while there are certainly pairs that are harder to come by, it’s their 2014 three-part collab with Playboy that has made the biggest impact.

At the time the Playboy bunny was everywhere in the streetwear scene, so when Supreme chucked it all over a pair of Vans, you can imagine the hype this created.

When Supreme released matching tracksuits the year after, resale went through the roof, and a pair will now set you back about £300. Yikes!

3. Vans x Opening Ceremony


Vans 2017 collaboration with Opening Ceremony was certainly eye-catching. The two had already met that summer to produce a satin iteration of the Old Skool, but somehow managed to top their own work several months later.

The glittery colourways definitely help give the classic skate shoe a more luxe, high fashion feel, which in turn made them desirable to a completely new audience.

OC and Vans also ran the collab in kids sizes, so any hype-parents out there were able to flex with their kids - a seriously smart move. 

4. Vans x Van Gogh Musuem


The legendary artist may have died in 1890, but it feels like this Vans x Vincent van Gogh collaboration was always meant to be - after all, Van is his middle name!

Cheesy jokes aside, the result of this Vans x Van Gogh Museum collab is pretty amazing.

The eclectic collection features a range of apparel alongside three classic Vans silhouettes, all of which are decked out in fabrics featuring some of the artist's most vibrant paintings.

5. Vans x The North Face


On the surface this may seem like a weird one, but a meeting of these two Californian brands makes far more sense when you consider that both aim to create durable, yet fashionable, active wear.

What's more, what they created is completely genius - WATERPROOF VANS!  (If, like me, you’ve ever got caught in a downpour while wearing Vans you'll know just how inspired this is!).

6. Vans x Golf Wang


It’s impossible to discuss Vans collaborations without mentioning Odd Future. Although Tyler, the Creator is now associated with Converse, back at the height of the OF hype he was putting his personal spin on Vans.

Although there were many collabs before, it was Tyler’s 2015 re-imagining of the Old Skool Pro that stands out. Aside from the fact that the colour combos are completely dreamy, Tyler was still at the very beginning of his design career at this point, and these shoes showed just what he was capable of. 

Originally slept on, these now go for around £200 on the resale market... if you can even find a pair for sale that is.

7. Vans x Lazy Oaf


Vans and Lazy Oaf coming together was a match made in heaven tbh. The checkerboard motif that Vans are so well known for perfectly compliments Lazy Oaf’s quirky take on womenswear, resulting in some banging apparel.

However it was LO’s take of the the Old Skool, Authentic, OG slip-on, and lesser know Style 29 silhouette that made the collection such a hit.