8 winter fashion looks from the Gilmore Girls to steal right now

8 winter fashion looks from the Gilmore Girls to steal right now

Huddle round Netflix with a giant cup of java, and let Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Jess and Emily inspire your February looks. Ok, not Emily.

Gilmore Girls may have hit our boxy televisions sets wayyy back in 2000, but my own trip to Stars Hollow didn’t kick off till late 2017. Blasphemy, right?

Resting outside of those scarring lists of ‘15 Noughties Clothing Choices that will Make Your Eyes Bleed’, the show is a total fashion time capsule. Chalking up a list of bad decisions as you go – think dodgy denim cuts, lots of tan leather and ‘why oh why did I tie-dye that t-shirt?’ moments – watching Gilmore Girls is like rifling through photos in a shoebox in the attic. Pure, gooey nostalgia.

And as the Gilmores were so often wrapped up against the biting Connecticut cold, they’re the perfect Netflix style heroes to get you through the rest of this month. Here’s how to do the same no-matter what side of the Atlantic you are. Accessorise with – obviously – coffee.

Lorelai’s laundry day


Everyone’s favourite mom-mate, she abandoned her inherited life of luxury for single parenthood in rural Connecticut. And Lorelai also abandons formality sometimes. Related: the grab-bag outfit above, attending her daughter’s first day at a gilded private school in cut-offs, cowboy boots, and a tie-dye tee.

When updating it, go for a loud printed jumper or sweatshirt with a longline coat and keep the boots muted. If you’re sensible enough not to wear shorts in the middle of winter, go full-length jean instead.

Oversized winter coat, Pretty Lavish; Out of This World sweater,  Dazzle & Jolt. High-waist denim shorts, One Teaspoon.


A shear thing



As much as Lorelai’s outfits are a parade of bedazzling frocks and twee animal tees, this outfit translates to today without a hitch.

A denim jacket with shearling is a sure (or shear) fire way to hit all of AW18’s trend buttons. An oversized turtleneck with high-rise skinny jeans finished with boots and the ever-present cup of filter coffee, and you’re ready to brave the cold (flip phone optional).

Tazanna Bonded Puffa Jacket, Keva; Frankie Khaki Jumper, Alekra; High-Rise Slim Jean, Levi’s


The ~pink coat~


Yup, it’s the *~PINK COAT OF LEGEND~*. True Gilmore Girls fandom means ignoring all dramatic plot twists that occur whenever Lorelai is wearing the Pepto-pink coat. Was there life before this pink coat? Concurrent with current scientific studies, it’s a definitive, no.

It debuted as a starring character, sorry, guest- SORRY, costume back in season four, returned in season five, then answered fan prayers by gracing screens with its heavenly candyfloss presence again in the revival. Long live the pink coat.

Coat with Statement Sleeves, ASOS

Rory’s blue period


Even after Rory freed herself from her preppy private school uniform, she kept the prep-spirit as a souvenir and blended it with her mother’s hand-me-downs. Pounding the pavements at Yale, Rory’s a lesson in how a structured coat can lock down an outfit in primary colours. Have an A.

Aubrey Zip-It Mini Dress, Love Too True;  Long Trench Coat, Vero Moda

Tanned in plaid


If one thing’s clear, it’s that ace outerwear runs in the Gilmore family.

For this outfit, Rory toughens up a stock Ivy-league student outfit with a tan leather jacket – that 00s staple, which looks curiously right again now. Her college co-ordinations always look as if the Gilmore Girls wardrobe department collaborated with Felicity. Ps. a free cup of coffee and a blue Mac clamshell to anyone who can find the Logan-reference in this paragraph.

Plaid Skirt, Dolls Kill; Sudette Biker Jacket, IOWA

Paris Geller’s power suiting


The ultimate accessory for Rory’s kinda-sorta-BFF is power. While her fashion is mainly school uniform in the original run, the reboot sees her ass-kicking business credentials mirrored in her contemporary profesh threads – all clean lines and muted colours, clothes that walk stiletto heel-first, sharp details like jacket sleeves tailored to the elbow, echoes of Olivia Pope echoes and Claire Underwood. It’s textbook 2016.

But turning the dial to 2018 is easy too. Tartan is major this season, so the tidy trims of Love Too True’s suiting is perfect for Paris – if you’re woman enough.

Pink Suit Set, Vintage Dust

Luke Danes’ load of old flannel


Gilmore Girls, but every time Luke wears a plaid shirt, it gets faster. Luke is a simple guy with simple clothing choices, so naturally he wears the same uniform most scenes with only minor variations. The Luke Danes Starter pack includes: a flannel shirt, plain tee, baseball cap, straight-legged jeans, a coffee pot, and an eye-twitch at any mention of Taylor.

Maroon Cap, Hartibo Bay; Check Shirt, Fresh Faced Vintage;  Vintage Calvin Klein Checked Shirt, Harper & Lewis 

Jess Mariano, man of mystery


I’ll start by giving you a solid five-minute slot to swoon over Jess. Just return to me after you’re done… aaand welcome back. The Ayn Rand-hating (“She’s a political nut!”) and Allen Ginsberg-reading Jess has always lived life outside the margins.

By which we mean he’s 24% leather jacket (as he’s an absolute rebel™), 34% layers (and lots, lots, lots of them), 6% chunky watches, and 46% attitude. His rap is all about dark colours, so, when updating it, play with lines by opting for longline tees and oversized shirts. Make your style trade a leather jacket, throw a hoodie and punk rock band tee underneath (be sure you can name at least three song titles for authenticity’s sake) and a copy of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity to hand and you’re ready.

Stars Hollow heads, prepare to turn.

Jasper Leather Jacket, All Saints; Oversized Grey Hoodie, Emerge Clothing; Aviro Black T-Shirt, Emerge Clothing