Football shirts are summer 2018 fashion GOALS

Football shirts are summer 2018 fashion GOALS

(Sorry - couldn't help ourselves!)

They're not just for your dad's mates anymore...

There was time waaaaay back when (well, in the 90s) when football shirts were an intrinsic part of most men's wardrobes. 

Going for a big night out? Stick on ya footie shirt. Taking the missus out for Ruby Murray? Stick on ya footie shirt. Going to a game on a Saturday? Stick... well, you get the idea. 

But then something changed. Maybe it was the internet and the sudden easy availability of fast fashion, maybe it was the ever-increasing cost of new kits, maybe it was a combination of both, but suddenly football jerseys were out of fashion, and then only people seen wearing them outside stadiums were the kind of men who un-ironically sing that Vindaloo song every time they have more than half a pint.

But that's all about to change. 


Yes, footie shirts are BACK, and this time they're not just for fans. 

Like most trends, it's hard to pinpoint exactly when football shirts re-gained their cool, but we reckon the first whisperings of a resurgence began about two years when Drake Instagrammed a picture of himself wearing Juventus' pale pink shirt.

Since then, the humble football shirt's gone full-on fashion, and influential streetwear designers and brands including Gosha Rubchinskiy, Virgil Abloh, KITH, Supreme and Palace have all jumped on the trend.


But it was arguably Italian tastemaker NSS Magazine who really cemented the relationship between high-fashion and old school football shirts when they released their tongue-in-cheek NSS Sports collection earlier this year.

These collections saw vintage football jerseys from teams such as Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain decorated with bootleg high fashion logos (such as COMME des GOAL and Balenciagoal among others) , and captured the attention of both fashionistas and sports fans, fully reigniting the trend in the process.  


But if you don't have £££ to drop on a designer shirt, don't worry, this isn't just a high-end trend.

Here on SHS, DÊMOS (run by Hong Kong-born, Central St Martin's trained McQueen Li) have put their own spin on the classic silhouette starting at £65. 








Not ready to go full footie shirt? Ease yourself into the look with the L4L Mandem scarf and vintage pieces from Basement Six and Fresh Faced Vintage


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