Streetwear is the best thing that's ever happened to fashion and I won't hear otherwise

Streetwear is the best thing that's ever happened to fashion and I won't hear otherwise

Who cares if your Grandma doesn't approve

I hate family gatherings. I always go into them expecting the worst; ‘what are you doing with your life? How is your grad job search going?’ and the worst: ‘When are you going to start dressing more like a girl?’ 

The latter can be likened to your Grandma pointing out the rips in your jeans, but is delivered in an even more disappointed tone. Her dreams of you in her floaty, wartime dresses are over. She will never see you in the floral prints she dressed your mum in.  Although she herself solely dresses in high-waisted Cotton Traders sweatpants, she cannot accept that your lifestyle is ‘cozy’. 

But that’s fine, because for a number of reasons streetwear is the best thing to happen to fashion for a long time:

You can roll up to your 9am without making any effort whatsoever and still look somewhat acceptable 

Probably the best reason. The streetwear look has reduced my getting ready time by at least 10 minutes, which is ideal for someone who was always going to be late anyway. Slogan print sweat (complete with food stains)? Check. Slightly holey joggers? Check. The Air Force Ones you spilt beer on last night? Check. You still look like an off-duty model. 

Fuck it, you could even wear your Ralph pyjama bottoms if you wanted, and people would still ask them where to get them, plus you’re still gonna look better than the melts in boat shoes. 


Pretty much everything counts as streetwear now 

Unless you’re a dedicated Hypebeast, not everything is about Palace and Supreme anymore. That tee you only paid a fiver for at the uni vintage fair? Pass it off as an upcoming brand and say it cost at least 40 or flip it and get on the resale hype. Found an 80s Tommy H jacket in a charity shop? You, my friend, are now the proud owner of a Holy Grail. Borrow one of your Dad’s coats and wear it oversized (Thank you Balenciaga). The possibilities are endless.


Men’s styles are staples 

Upset the patriarchy by not only wearing stuff better than most of them, but avoiding the Pink Tax. Men’s styles are generally so much cheaper and it’s a sure fire way to guarantee your ‘fit will have the right oversize aesthetic. We already have to spend enough on ourselves anyway. Boys, you’ve already got it good- relax.


It’s the comfiest thing ever

Let’s face it, if you’re spending your day rushing from lecture to lecture or you have a last minute marathon library sesh ahead, those Topshop Chelsea Boots and skinnies aren’t gonna be the comfiest. Roll through the day in trackpants (or if not you’re not quite ready to let yourself go yet ‘formal jogger trousers’) and some air max.

Join us; your blister free day awaits.


Things come back around so often, you’ll never have to throw anything out again

In streetwear, the general rule is the more ironic your outfit the better. That’s not to say your welcome week bar crawl tee should become a wardrobe staple (shame on you if it already is) but it does mean asking your mum to bring up the pair of Reebok workouts you used for P.E. when you were in Year 9 when she next visits. Extra brownie points if you still have stuff hanging around from your brief Juicy Couture phase (very Vetements).


It’s super easy to support young creatives 

There are sooooooo many up-and-coming streetwear brands putting out really cool shit. Not only can you save yourself £500 by not buying that Balenciaga hoodie (jk, what student can in the first place) but you can get limited pieces, support someone’s business and watch yourself get re-posted on their Instagram. CLOUT. 


Realise exactly how much you’ve influenced the fashion industry. 

Your elders may not have approved, but the designers definitely did. Streetwear has been one of the biggest trends over the past couple of years and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. So, next time your grandparents question your outfit choice remind them that Gucci copied YOU.