Wear your logos LOUD and PROUD

Wear your logos LOUD and PROUD

Big branding is back

If you're wearing designer, now's the time to shout about it...

In fashion terms, 2018 is the year of the extrovert - this season is all about big, bold colours (such as frozen yellow and ultraviolet) and in-your-face logos.

Obviously this isn't the first time in fashion history that wearing your labels loud and proud has been the way to go, but for the past couple of years it's mainly been about more discreet, subtle luxury (partly thanks to internet hypebeasts and Instagram flexers).

But all that's about the change... 


Like most current trends, the big logo craze started in the late 80s and early 90's when brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi and Moschino shunned conventions and made the branding the key focus of their pieces. This became a huge trend thanks to subcultures such as the UK garage and rave scenes and has carried on into contemporary collections through brands such as Off-Whiteᵀᴹ and modern iterations of Burberry and Gucci.

The trend isn't just exclusive to the catwalk however, as many global and highstreet brands have recently jumped on the wave. Nike have never been shy with their logo but recently they've embraced it even further, by adding bold all over prints and over sized branding to classic silhouettes like AF1's and the Air Max Plus (Tn). 


Of course some brands such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton  are more known for their prints (nova check for Burberry and monogram for LV) but these can also be embraced in a big way.


The brands we choose to wear are more than just clothing , they're a way of communicating who we are, what subcultures we belong to and even our place in society so why not wear them proudly? 

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