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Be part of the ultimate online retail space, editorial hangout & community for fashion hungry entrepreneurs.

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Student High Street is the go-to lifestyle and fashion platform for 16 - 25 year olds and students all around the UK. Whether it’s music, travel, videos or fashion (unlike other platforms) we have everything your customer wants to watch, read, listen or shop… all in one place.

The exposure you deserve

With strong nationwide media partnerships and consistent website content, we aim to give emerging brands the exposure they deserve, on a constant basis.

Advice & guidance

Our team have an abundance of knowledge and experience to give your business the guidance and advice it needs to succeed not only on the platform but also, the industry.

The control you need

We’ll guide you through a simplistic but advanced means of online selling including a fully mobile friendly store so you can sell on the go.

We love data

Alongside this we provide you with upto date analytics to ensure your brand gains the insights it needs to grow as a brand.

Reach your potential

Unlike other platforms we’ve handpicked our partners to make sure you have the best opportunities and building blocks, for success.

We all love new friends

Join a community of like-minded individuals who are driven to succeeding, like you and share ideas with them in our brand community and at our exclusive SHS brand events.

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“If you're looking for a platform that will offer you the support you need to grow your brand and drive you into the market, then SHS should be highly considered.

We love what SHS represents and their motives behind the company. From our initial meeting together it has always been clear that they want to help grow small start up companies and they are very passionate about doing so.

We also love the innovation behind SHS in that it is more than just a shopping platform and more of a destination for people to shop, and interact with brands on a personal and social level.”


“What won me over with SHS is how targeted their demographic is, we need to be targeting students and that’s exactly what SHS does. So a fantastic avenue to get our brand out there.

When you first launch a brand it’s so hard to get the snowball effect of followers. SHS will expose your brand to a wider audience quickly with it’s vast reach.

SHS’s services are great also, such as accounting is so important and not a lot of new brands consider this. Also getting PR as a small company is so hard when you don’t have any contacts. SHS can give you the marketing and PR support which is so important when you are competing with bigger brands with bigger budgets.”



“Knowing your market and tapping into it is everything, SHS really grabs the student demographic, not only from an ecommerce perspective but with the editorial content, pushing itself as a lifestyle & music resource, as well as a fashion influence.

PR and networking opportunities are key to any emerging brand - there's no point creating an incredible product if no one knows it exists, this is where SHS really shines to help promote young brands through the right platforms, by giving us access to that inner circle of key networkers and potential brand influencers.”


Are the crème de la crème of emerging brands and want to grow your business.

Either love to create/buy your own pieces, or love sourcing those retro, vintage garms.

Offer great quality products, which you know our customer, will love.

All your great imagery must be shot on a person.

Have been trading for 3 months and are a registered company.

You must offer standard free delivery.

What can you sell on SHS?

On Student High Street we’re all about FASHION, so whether you’re selling clothes, accessories, shoes or jewellery just bear this in mind.

How our marketplace works

How our marketplace worksHow our marketplace works

“If you don’t play, you can’t win
come play”

Richard Branson quoting Judith McNaught

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