SHS Style Hero: Tyler, the Creator

SHS Style Hero: Tyler, the Creator

Who dat boy?

From the early Odd Future days to Flower Boy, Tyler, the Creator, has always been a style hero

If anyone deserves the title of “style hero” it’s Tyler, the Creator. Not only has the rapper-turned-multi-hyphenate made a huge impact on contemporary fashion with his GOLF clothing line and collaborations with Vans and Converse, he was also a big driving force in making streetwear mainstream.

It’s safe to say a lot of people wouldn’t dress the way they do if Tyler didn’t break the internet in a Supreme Box Logo and balaklava in 2011. So to celebrate TtC’s influence, we’ve put together some of his most iconic looks. Enjoy! 

High fashion flower boy


Can anyone else other than Tyler pull of leopard print hair, a silk shirt and highlighter pink trainers? No. No they can not.

Coordination is key


Think coord sets are just for girls? Think again.

Old man flex


Over the years Tyler’s style has gone from Tumblr tween to steezy old man and we are living for it. Swipe along to picture three for tips on turning your nan’s couch into a wavey jacket btw.

Keep it casual


Why dress up when you can dress down? Somehow Tyler even manages to make the most casual of outfits look chic (although that probably has something to do with the incredibly nice Supreme Box Logo). 

Bag it up


Part of Tyler’s flex has always been baggier is better and no one does the oversized look quite like him. Trust us there’s a lot of kids who rock Dickies on the daily who’d still be in skinny jeans it weren’t for TtC.

70’s steeze


As Tyler’s music has got a bit funkier so has his wardrobe. We get definite 70’s vibes from this look and they’re never too hard to find in the rest of his fits either.

Check it out


Back before GOLF le FLEUR days Tyler was putting his unique twist on classic Vans silhouettes, with this by FAR being the best. Who knew blue and orange checkerboard could look good?

Jewellery game crazy


Did you really expect Tyler to have a boring jewellery collection? It's bold, beautiful and quite honestly puts most other rapper's collections to shame. 

Tumblr realness 


There’s such a strong 2011 energy coming from this photo, so much so that I actually feel like I’m late for college. The crazy patterned shirt and snapback is vintage Tyler, and takes me back to a simpler time…

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