Steal His Style: Anders Gran's Scandi streetwear

Steal His Style: Anders Gran's Scandi streetwear

We want what he's wearing...

Anders Gran is an expert at mixing 90's nostalgia and Scandinavian streetwear. Here's how to steal his style...

If you don’t already follow Anders Gran on Instagram there’s a good chance you’ve still seen him. The 25-year-old model and retail assistant from Oslo has been making movements in the fashion scene for a while now, working with brands such as Diadora and Doc Marten, all while maintaining an impressive 182k following on Instagram. And it’s not hard to see why.

Imagine if 90’s Leonardo DiCaprio was really into tattoos and rocked streetwear - that’s a pretty accurate description of Anders' style, and we love it.

Here are some of our favourite looks (and how you can recreate them)....


Plaid & denim 

Why we love it: Anders is big into his vintage clothing and this is a prime example of 90’s nostalgia done right. We love how the colours of the shirt and jeans contrast, and Converse Chuck Taylors (which are almost out of frame, but still instantly recognisable ) really help bring this classic fit together.

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Permanent vacation 

Why we love it: A tucked in shirt, knee-length shorts and sandals shouldn’t be a good look but here we are. This is the epitome of dad chic and we’re here for it.

If you don’t want to embrace the whole look then feel free to rework parts of it. Maybe try a patterned shirt with a regular pair of shorts, or a normal t-shirt with a below the knee pair.

Either of these adjustments would still add some summers vibes to your wardrobe, without going full dad (although, we absolutely love it).

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Clean and crisp

Why we love it: Sometimes simple really is best. Anders mixes a smart jacket, plain white t-shirt and subtle jewellery for a truly timeless look. Case in point, this picture is from 2016 and the look is still very much in fashion.

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Summer in the city

Why we love it: This whole outfit screams summer in the city. As anyone who's read our guide on How Not To Look Like a Basic Bloke at a Festival will know, side bags are a must-have for when you're out and about and don't want to literally lose your shit, and khakis are a stylish (and most importantly light weight) alternative to jeans in the hotter months. 

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Wear your logos loud and proud 

Why we love it: Another huge trend this summer is wearing your logos loud and proud (which you can read more about here), which is great if low-key styling isn't really your thing. 

This trend is all about shouting out the brands you love - whether it's new age streetwear phenomenon like Palace, a young, independent brand (if that's your thing, you'll LOVE us!), or an OG designer label. 

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Do the tattoos make the man? 

PSA: So obviously a big part of Anders' look are his tattoos, and I'm afraid we can't help you there. But if you've become inspired after checking out his feed, have a read of our handy guide of the do's and don'ts when getting your first tattoo to avoid any mishaps. Also, don't actually copy Anders tattoos, that's a dick move.   


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