Kanye West just let us know who his favourite kid is in the weirdest possible way

Kanye West just let us know who his favourite kid is in the weirdest possible way

Kanye West has been back on twitter for less than a day and it's already been amazing

Yesterday Kanye West blessed all us regular people by reactivating his Twitter account and there's A LOT we need to talk about.

In true Kanye fashion his feed was instantly filled with philosophical wonderings like the one below (what does that even mean?!), early designs for Yeezy seasons and memes.


But by far the biggest, and probably strangest, revelation from Ye's return to twitter is the fact that Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has designed him a couple of neck tattoos of his son's name.  


 You might not recognise his name, but you'll almost definitely have seen Gosha's work before.

The 33-year-old designer and photographer has made a huge impact on the menswear scene with his interpretations of post-Soviet fashion, and is widely credited as one of the people helping bridge the cap between streetwear and high fashion.

Away from his eponymous label, Gosha's also worked with brands including Adidas and Burberry. And although he's not worked with Kanye before (as far as we know), a Yeezy x Gosha neck tattoo would be a pretty major statement. 



Obviously Kanye 's no stranger to tattoos - he's thought to have about five so far, including his late mum and daughter North's birthdays inked on the inside of his wrists in Roman numerals and a Maya Angelou poem on his lower left arm.

A Saint West neck tattoo would be his most visible yet though, and is also a pretty weird way of announcing which of your kids is your favourite (WHAT ABOUT CHICAGO, KANYE?). 

What do you make of Gosha's Saint West tattoo designs? Can you see Ye rocking a neck tat? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter